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Avoca Avon-Richardson River

The Avoca Avon-Richardson Program area occupies a large part of the region's two western catchments. The total area of the Avoca Avon-Richardson region is just over one million ha (40% of the region's total area). Major towns include St Arnaud, Avoca, Donald, Charlton and Quambatook. The area includes high value Ramsar listed wetlands, state and nationally listed species and vegetation communities (Buloke Grassy Woodlands) and priority river reaches (including Reach 7 of the Avoca River).

Kyneton Woodlands

Project Contact: Britt Gregory

Grassy woodlands were once widespread through the Edgecombe, Greenhill, Langley, Pastoria, Pipers Creek and Sidonia districts north of Kyneton. However, they are now considered at high risk of extinction as remnants are reduced to isolated, small patches in decline. 

Kooyoora Connections

Project Contact: Britt Gregory

The Kooyoora Connections project is supporting local landowners and community groups to improve the condition and increase the area of native vegetation on private land between Kooyoora State Park, Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve and Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve.

Communities in conservation

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Campaspe River flows

Project Contact: Darren White

Campaspe River Flows

The construction and operation of Lake Eppalock has significantly altered downstream river flows and reversed the seasonal flows of the Campaspe River.