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campaspe Weir during a flood

In addition to contributing information to local government referrals, flood information is made available free of charge to the community.

The North Central CMA actively encourages community members to obtain flood level advice. This information helps landowners, potential purchasers and developers to understand the risks associated with a particular parcel of land. 

You can obtain free flood advice by using FLOOD EYE or contacting North Central CMA directly via email to or calling 03 5440 1896. Preliminary development advice is also provided free of charge.

For Development advice requests please include the following minimum initial information:

  • Applicant contact details; including name, phone and email.
  • Property description; including address, CA No, Section No, Lot No, LP or PS details
  • Details of proposed development, eg dwelling, subdivision, shed, earthworks etc
  • An accurate sketch showing location of development proposal on property, (and proposed subdivision boundaries if applicable)
  • An accurate locality plan of the property

Please expect a minimum timeframe of 10 working days for all responses to Flood level and development Advice requests.