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2023 Victorian Landcare Grants

Project Contact: Belinda Pritchard

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The Victorian Government has announced the recipients of this year’s Victorian Landcare Grants, with $3.98 million to support volunteer groups and networks in protecting and restoring natural landscapes.

2023 Victorian Landcare Grants

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What is Landcare?

North central Victoria is home to many enthusiastic, capable and active community groups and individuals who are working to protect the region's natural environment.

The Landcare movement started in north central Victoria in 1986, when a group of local farmers from Winjallok formed the first Landcare group in Australia. North central Victoria is now home to more than 160 Landcare and community natural resource management (NRM) groups, comprising of more than 4,000 volunteers.

Landcare networks comprising of several Landcare groups and conservation management networks are also well established in north central Victoria.

Groups undertake a variety of on-ground activities on both private and public land, including revegetation, fencing waterways, rabbit control, weed control, erosion control, installation of nest boxes and remnant vegetation protection.

Groups also undertake a variety of other activities such as newsletters, bus tours, flora and fauna field days, working bees, community weed and pest animal days, preparing actions plans and training days.

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Project contacts:

Belinda Pritchard                                                               Darren Bain

Regional Landcare Coordinator                                         Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

00408 342 593                                                                   0419 560 348                       


Support Plan

The Regional Landcare Support Plan provides a framework for Landcare groups across the North Central CMA region for the next five years.

Consistent with the 2012 Victorian Landcare Program Strategic Plan - Supporting Landcare, it outlines the five functions of Landcare that the North Central CMA will support including; Operate, Engage, Collaborate, Do and Tell. To ensure the North Central CMA continues to support Landcare effectively, specific 'support actions' have been developed that align to the five functions of Landcare.

The ability to achieve and deliver these actions will be subject to the availability of funding and resources. As such, the plan is designed to be flexible and allow the North Central CMA to respond to the changing circumstances and needs of the regional Landcare community.

North Central Chat

The North Central Chat newsletter will to keep you up-to-date with all the latest Landcare and Waterwatch news from across the north central Victoria region.