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Managing floodplains is important

Surrounded by natural beauty the north central Victoria region is a diverse place to live and work, however the nature of our landscape means we are prone to flooding every now and again.

While floods are an expected and sometimes healthy part of how our environment operates, we also need to be aware of the economic and social damages they can cause.

Our role before a flood

Effective floodplain management and flood response requires extensive planning prior to any flood event. Victoria’s CMAs have a key role in flood planning and management.

This includes a statutory obligation to collect and coordinate flood data and make it publicly available.

The North Central CMA collects information about previous flood events, monitors significant flood events and collects real-time data to inform flood intelligence.

Our role during a flood

In the case of emergency flooding our role is to provide support to government agencies.

VicSES is the Control Agency for flood events with support from a range of agencies including CMAs.

Our staff, in conjunction with consulting hydrologists, are available to advise the VicSES on predictions on flood behaviour and the likely impact of flood waters to communities.

Our role after a flood

The North Central CMA must assess damage to its assets, and develop and prioritise flood recovery programs that are consistent with funding requirements.

Through the recovery effort, the North Central CMA addresses the impacts of river erosion where there is an immediate risk of river breakaways and/or immediate danger to the North Central CMA’s and other public assets.