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Floodplain Advice

In addition to contributing information to local government referrals, flood information is made available free of charge to the community. The North Central CMA actively encourages community members to obtain flood level advice.

Works on Waterways

To protect and rehabilitate our rivers and creeks we need to ensure that any works undertaken on designated waterways do not adversely affect the health of those waterways.

Poorly constructed crossings and other structures can cause erosion, obstruct water flow and hinder the passage of fauna and aquatic life.

Levee Maintenance Permits

Landholders can now apply to North Central CMA for a permit to access and maintain existing levees on Crown Land in order to actively reduce the flood risk to their property by undertaking levee maintenance years before a flood occurs.

Vegetation in waterways

Native vegetation and large wood that can be found in and around waterways plays an important role in influencing the health of waterways and wetlands in the north central region.