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Waterwatch Story

The North Central Waterwatch Program aims to increase the knowledge and skills of community, supporting them to become custodians of local waterways.

We love to empower individuals to contribute to natural resource management in the north central region. The North Central Waterwatch program aims to engage in people to participate in river and wetland health monitoring activities.

Annual Achievements

North Central Waterwatch works with local volunteers so they have the knowledge and skills required to collect valuable information about the ecological health of the waterways in regional Victoria.

Citizen Science Programs

Understanding and reporting on the condition of our waterways is important for guiding waterway management decisions and demonstrating management outcomes.

Saltwatch Week

Each year the Waterwatch Victoria hosts Saltwatch Week. Community and schools from all over Victoria can learn about the effects of salinity on waterways in their local catchment by collecting local water samples and testing with a salinity metre to determine salt content.

River Detectives

Schools play an important role in delivering sustainable messages to our future generations. As Catchment Management Authorities we have collaborated to bring you support for delivering natural resource management topics in the classroom.


Our region is packed with an abundance of diverse natural attractions, from forested national parks to waterfalls, gorges, slow meandering waterways and wetlands of international significance. Our backyard is home to a teeming assortment of flora and fauna, some of which are found no where else.


When using dip nets to sample macroinvertebrates a fish or two are often discovered in the sample.