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Working for Victoria

Down & Dirty with Dung Beetles

Meet Regenerative Farmers from Blampied, Mt Bolton & Bung Bong Nov 2020

Interpreting Soil Test Results

Graham Lancaster from EAL at Southern Cross University discusses how to use information provided by an on-farm soil test.

2020 Seasonal Outlook - Grain & Hay Markets

2020 Seasonal Outlook - Cropping

2020 Seasonal Outlook - Climate Update

2020 Seasonal Outlook - Irrigation Water

Regen Ag - Nats & Jono

Regen Ag - N, P & Manure Trial

Regen Ag - Dick Richardson

Regen Ag - Colin Seis Part 3

Regen Ag - Colin Seis

Regen Ag - Stephen Parish

Regen Ag - Glen Chapman