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Tablet and mobile devices

The North Central CMA's NatureBlitz app is a citizen science monitoring tool that allows the community to collect important information about our region's biodiversity.

NatureBlitz provides a description of 124 species; a small fraction of the complete field guide of Victorian fauna. More species will be added or refined over time. NatureBlitz was developed by the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA) Waterwatch program.

NatureBlitz enables individuals, community groups, students and industry partners to record important biological information. The app is specifically designed to capture citizen science data regarding aquatic fauna from waterways in north-central Victoria including urban, rural and natural reserves.

Data captured through NatureBlitz is uploaded to the North Central CMA’s fauna observations (via GPS point) geodatabase. NatureBlitz allows the user to optionally upload photos, audio and additional descriptive text to accompany sighting records.

NatureBlitz includes an interactive map-display (for example web mapping like Google Maps) where all sightings are displayed. Users can zoom-in to view reports.

Users will be asked to identify themselves, name and email address, when downloading the NatureBlitz app. This information is required to enable the user to report sightings. Names and email addresses will not be shared and are used to verify sighting when required.  

North Central Waterwatch would like to thank the many people who contributed to the development of the North Central Waterwatch Frog, Fish and Waterbirds Field Guides and Murray Little-John and Birdlife Australia who all made the development of NatureBlitz possible. Images and sounds were sourced from external photographers and sound recordists. All images and sounds are copyright of the creators.

To seek permission to use any media from NatureBlitz, or for any additional information or enquiries, please contact the North Central CMA on 03 5448 7124 or email

Download the App to your Android device. App on Apple device currently unavailable. 

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