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Flood planning moving forward

9 Oct 2017

Following months of community consultation, the development of the Regional Floodplain Management Strategy (RFMS) is moving forward.

Since the 2010-11 floods, work has been done to improve flood mapping, flood warning systems and community flood awareness for specific towns, but as a region, there is still work to do.

North Central CMA Regional Floodplain Management Strategy Project Manager Shaun Morgan said community consultation was the first step in developing a regional strategy for floodplain management. 

“We have spoken with councils and communities over the past few months and they have told us what actions they want to see happen and what their priorities are,” he said.

“We have prioritised these actions and we are now looking for community feedback prior to finalising the strategy.

“We will develop action lists for each municipality, and there will be a number of region-wide actions that straddle council boundaries.

“Councils and other government agencies will then be able to align their potential to source and allocate funds towards implementing priority actions.”

Regional strategies interpret and apply the policies and accountabilities called for by the Victorian Flood Management Strategy.

“Everyone has a role to play in managing flood risks and preparing for flood events,” Mr Morgan said.

“Communities and government must work together to decide on the level of flood mitigation they want and can afford.

“Floodplain management is a never-ending cycle, requiring actions before, during and after a flood.

“Flooding is natural and inevitable across Victoria. We cannot prevent flooding, we can only manage its impact on communities.”

The Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy acknowledges that flood damages and trauma can be reduced by using credible data about flood behaviour, such as flood heights, flood extents and flood probabilities. 

Detailed risk evaluations, in the form of flood studies, fill gaps in knowledge and help communities consider flood management options. 

The Victorian Government has commitment $25 million funding to support implementation of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy. 

The North Central CMA is keen to hear from community members who have been involved during the consultation period or from anyone who is interested in the strategy’s development at one of three community drop-in sessions at:

Serpentine     Monday 30 October 10am-12pm, Serpentine Bowling Club, Peppercorn Way

Boort              Thursday 2 November 4pm-6pm, Boort Resource and Information Centre, 119-121 Godfrey St

Kerang           Friday 3 November 10am-12pm, AgVic Office 26/28 Wellington St

Read the Draft Floodplain Management Strategy for more information, and project details.