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Bullock Creek rural drainage survey reminder

Bullock Creek area
10 Dec 2019

The survey is part of the Bullock Creek River Improvement Trust District management planning study. This study is one of eleven pilot studies across Victoria to investigate future management arrangements of rural drainage systems.

The pilot study targets the 388 landowners whose properties drain to the seven waterways between Durham Ox and Mitiamo - Blind Creek, Bullock Creek, Calivil Creek, Pompapiel Creek, Seven Months Creek, Welches Creek, and the Western Depression.

Current Management
The North Central CMA cannot levy rates on properties and has been unable to attract any funding to undertake routine maintenance of the watercourses within the Bullock Creek Drainage Network.

The North Central CMA has been successful in gaining some government grants to assess the condition of the waterways and to carry out some works to remove obstructions. However, the North Central CMA has no on-going source of revenue to pay for on-going maintenance of the drainage network. There is a risk that the flow capacity of the drainage network will
degrade over time.

Future Management Options
North Central CMA is seeking direction from landowners served by the Bullock Creek Drainage Network regarding future administrative arrangements. A change in the arrangements for managing the system might be needed to ensure it continues to provide the service that landowners need.

The Victorian Government’s 2018 Victorian Rural Drainage Strategy sets out new rules, protocols and support mechanisms to enable landowners and government agencies to overcome past barriers to the repair and management of degraded rural drainage systems.

Under the new approach, landowners are empowered and supported to choose how they want to manage rural drainage. A range of possible future management options for the Bullock Creek Drainage Network were described in a brochure mailed to all landowners in the pilot study area accompanied by a hard copy survey and a replay paid envelope. The survey
can also be completed online.

For more information, or to complete the landowner survey online, go to:
or contact Owen Hayden on (03) 5440 1806 or