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Gunbower Creek

Gunbower Creek serene

Gunbower Creek

As the southern border to Gunbower Forest, Gunbower Creek is also a priority for healthy waterway flows.

Gunbower Creek is one of the region's most important waterways, with high environmental, cultural and economic values.

However, it is also one of the region's most degraded. Gunbower Creek is managed primarily as an irrigation carrier and supplies the Torrumbarry Irrigation Area from the Murray River.

The daily variation in the creek through spring, summer and autumn is much higher now than under natural conditions because of irrigation. The result is significant environmental impacts on native fish populations.

Gunbower Creek is home to natives such as the endangered Murray cod and golden perch. The high diversity of fish in the creek means it is considered a valuable refuge and source of fish for the recolonisation of surrounding waterways.

Healthy river flows are used to smooth out this variation by filling the irrigation-flow gaps.

This supports fish migration and breeding, and promotes other ecological process while maintaining water for surrounding farms and businesses.