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GMID Drainage Strategy

Image of a drain running alongside a fence separating two paddocks.

Effective, fit for purpose surface and subsurface drainage is essential for sustainable irrigated agriculture.

Recently there has been a range of significant changes to irrigated agriculture in the GMID and the external environment within which irrigation drainage service providers operate.

The GMID Drainage Management Strategy (the Strategy) has been developed to provide a clear direction for the future management of irrigation drainage.

Importantly the Strategy is intended to be an adaptive and ongoing strategy that recognises that the future is uncertain, and it has been developed using resilience principles. These principles aim to enable a more flexible approach to the way surface and subsurface drainage services are provided; as well as supporting a structured, continuous review, improvement, and adaption process into irrigation drainage management.

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The Loddon Murry Irrigation Region Surface Water Management Strategy addresses the ongoing need and works for drainage within the Loddon and Murray Irrigation Areas.  This is currently in draft phase and will be available on this site soon.