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How do we know that environmental water is working? And how do we know whether we're getting the best results with the available water? A comprehensive and reliable monitoring program helps answer these questions.

A monitoring program is used in Gunbower Forest, the same approach is used at all of The Living Murray icon sites to enable a comparison. Each year we go back to the same sites and look at birds (Bird monitoring (450KB)), fish (Fish monitoring (405KB)), frogs, groundwater (Groundwater monitoring (219KB)), water quality (Water quality monitoring (260KB)), wetlands and floodplain vegetation (Floodplain vegetation monitoring (380KB)).

We track changes, identify emerging risks and decide when and where environmental water is required. We also collect information on external factors such as local climate and other land management activities. This provides a more complete picture of the difference being made.

Click here for the latest Gunbower Forest floodplain monitoring.