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The local community has a strong attachment to Gunbower Forest, both historically and today. The forest is a popular spot for recreational activities such as camping, bushwalking, fishing and birdwatching. More than 20,000 people visit Gunbower Forest during the Easter and Christmas holidays, providing important flow-on economic benefits to the surrounding towns.

Gunbower Forest also has a long history of logging (Logging in Gunbower Forest (409KB)). While a large proportion of the forest is now National Park, the parts that remain as State Forest continue to supply River Red Gum timber. Residents also collect firewood from Gunbower Forest's logging coups for winter warmth.

The Gunbower Community Reference Group, consisting of 11 local landholders and community representatives meets regularly to discuss all aspects of The Flooding for Life project. The purpose of the Community Reference Group is to ensure that project development and implementation is undertaken in balance of local knowledge and issues with the desired outcomes of the project.

The Flooding for Life project engages the community in other ways, including through attending meetings of existing community groups such as progress associations, events, information forums, fact sheets, newsletters and other publications.

To contribute to the discussion of the Community Reference Group please email us.