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Sus Ag is more than a day job for Mandy

8 Mar 2021

For Mandy Coulson, sustainable agriculture isn’t just a 9 to 5 job, it’s her life.

Mandy is the leader of the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s Sustainable Agriculture team.

By day she manages the team that works closely with farmers across the region on regenerative agriculture, soil health, Landcare, irrigation, and sustainable soils, as well as developing and implementing the region’s comprehensive Land and Water Management Plan.

By night, she runs an organic dairy farm with her husband and two teenage children.

“What we do at the CMA is all about listening to people and gathering the information to benefit the agricultural community,” she said.

“It’s all about relationships and partnerships and working with the community and investors. The important word there is ‘with’.

“It’s important the community knows, that through these projects and plans they have influence. They can shape the profitability and sustainability of their regional landscape.”

Mandy has been the driving force behind a raft of successful innovations during her time at the North Central CMA.

She was instrumental in developing the North Central Soil Health Guide, presented at the International Soils Conference in New Zealand, supported regional events such as the North Central Future Farming Expo and the Women in Agriculture Course, and is helping put the final touches on updating the Loddon Campaspe Irrigation region land and Water Management Plan

“The plan targets private irrigation land that has the potential to affect public values,” she said.

“It’s about working with the communities to determine the priorities for investing in works and measures in the region and helping ensure public funds align with local and Victorian Government priorities.”