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Power to the people

Electric car chargers
19 Dec 2019

Three new electric car chargers at North Central Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA) Huntly office are now available to the public free of charge.

The 22 kW chargers can add about 40 kilometres per hour of charge and are the only public chargers between Bendigo and Echuca.

The charge points are compatible with every electric vehicle currently on the market in Australia and are managed using an online portal that controls charge and usage rates.

“We have a desire to do more than just limit our carbon emissions, but to show leadership across the sector, and these chargers are a key part of that strategy,” North Central CMA Corporate Services Executive Manager Adam Woods said.

“Not only have we committed to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles where we can, but we want to promote their use, and show the community what an easy alternative they are to the combustion engine.

“About half of all cars sold in Australia are sold to fleet operators so there’s a real opportunity for fleet managers, especially in all levels of government, to make a real difference.”

The North Central CMA currently has one full-electric car and two plug-in electric hybrids, powered from a 50 kW solar system on the roof.

“We have two regular power points in our depot, but these new chargers are 10 times faster,” Mr Woods said.

“We did the maths earlier this year and realised how much cheaper the whole-of-life costs for electric or plug-in electric hybrid vehicles are, compared to the regular combustion engine.

“We do a lot of trips that are under 30kms, as would most people who live in large urban centres such as Bendigo. So, for us, the cars and the chargers are a no-brainer.

“We are proud of this and proud of the fact that there aren’t too many government authorities or departments in the region that have made a commitment to this level.

“The new chargers aren’t designed for people to come in and park their car overnight, but they are there to help people if they come into town, especially from the north, recharge and help them get home.

“So, pop into the Huntly shops for some lunch, shopping or a haircut and charge your electric car while you wait.”