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Doo a good thing for the river and your farm

8 Feb 2018

Did you know that stock can poo five times more when thay are standing in water than when they are standing on land?

Given the amount of time some stock stand in rivers and creeks over summer, that’s a sh…., well, a lot, of poo.

Reducing the amount of poo from livestock that ends up in our waterways is just one reason why fencing off a creek or river is important.

“Poo from cows and sheep brings with it a lot of harmful nutrients and pathogens, which impacts on human health, water quality and affects downstream water users,” North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Project Manager Angela Gladman said.

“Fencing off creeks and rivers also has benefits for more efficient farm management , and can increase land value.

“It also allows river bank vegetation to regenerate naturally, which is a cost effective way to improve the river habitat  for birds, fish and animals such as platypuses and water rats.”

Farmers along the Campaspe River can now access generous grants to help with fencing, offstream watering for their stock, weed control and revegetation.

“Almost 70 landholders have realised the benefits of fencing the Campaspe River since 2012, resulting in the installation of 53km of river fencing,” Ms Gladman said.

“Reducing the impact of grazing stock on riverbanks is the key to river recovery.

“The Caring for the Campaspe project is keen to work with landholders to negotiate fencing styles, alignments and offstream watering options to ensure that the fencing enables better stock management and is resilient to the impacts of flooding.”

The Caring for the Campaspe project is one of 10 flagship waterway projects across the state, funded as part of the Victorian Government’s record $222 million investment in waterways and catchments.

To get involved, contact Angela Gladman on 5440 1825 or