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Deep dive into irrigation businesses

Laptop sits on a grey car bonnet in the foreground. Is the background is an irrigation sprayer over a green crop
7 Sep 2021

Farmers across the Torrumbarry and Loddon Valley Irrigation region have a unique opportunity to get assistance to take a deep dive into their business and develop a plan to ensure they are more resilient and take advantage of future water markets and efficiencies.

The Irrigated Cropping Council is working with The North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to the implement the new Plan2Farm project.  This new program helps farmers consider their exposure to water markets and the efficiency of their irrigation system, and the influence this may have on their future farming business.

Farm business consultants Daryl Poole from RMCG and Paul Blackshaw from Meridian Agriculture will work closely with the project to deliver key information and assist farmers to develop their farm business plan.

Charlotte Aves, EO of the Irrigated Cropping Council said “Uncertainty and turbulent times in the irrigation industry creates challenges for farmers to make good business decisions, so this new irrigation farm business plan allows people to proactively assess their business and think about the future”

“This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and enables farmers to access professional support and guidance on how to set up their business more resilient into the future” said Charlotte Aves.

Farmers who take up this opportunity will be involved in three meetings with farm business consultants and have a farm visit to discuss and develop their business plan.

“Working collaboratively with the North Central CMA, Murray Dairy and Agriculture Victoria means we can harness the strengths and networks of each organisation to really enhance the program” said Charlotte Aves.

“Farmers involved in previous Plan2Farm projects told us they created a clear vision for their future and had greater confidence in their decision making.  We look forward to seeing the positive developments from this project” said Jacqui Knee, North Central CMA.

The sessions iwll be run online on Tuesday 14 September from 12pm to 1:30pm.

Farmers that want to be involved in this program can visit or can contact Mel Mann, Irrigated Cropping Council,, 0447 803 305