Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan

Dealing with long-term climate planning  

Following months of community and stakeholder engagement the regionally endorsed 2015 North Central Region Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan is released.

The aim of the plan is to incorporate adaptation and mitigation approaches in future environmental planning.

Land managers and the wider community in the North Central region are no strangers to the effects of climate change and climate variability. In recent times they have experienced major climate events including the Millennium
drought and the 2010/11 floods. While the floods caused major damage in some areas they also brought significant benefits to biodiversity, especially in our rivers and wetlands.

These events send a strong signal that we need to prepare now if the future climate change projections for the region
are realised. Such events in the future will impact significantly on the region's environment, economy and community.

In order to better prepare for the future challenge of climate change the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA), with funding from the Australian Government, has worked with partner organisations to develop a
regional climate change plan. 

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