Flood Images

To understand the widespread nature of the 2010 -11 flood events, the North Central CMA captured a number of aerial photographs during each event. These are presented as both slideshows and as individual images for your convenience.

To view a slideshow of interest, the Adobe PDF reader is needed. If you don't have the free Adobe Reader on your desktop then you may download it here.

The following aerial images were taken on 6 September 2010 of various flood affected areas across north central Victoria.

Loddon Catchment

Bendigo Creek
Bendigo Creek 1 (290KB)

Laanecoorie Reservoir
Laanecoorie Res 1 (324KB)
Laanecoorie Res 2 (298KB)

Loddon River and Serpentine Creek
Loddon and Serpentine Creek 1 (279KB)
Loddon and Serpentine Creek 2 (313KB)
Loddon and Serpentine Creek 3 (334KB)
Loddon and Serpentine Creek 4 (674KB)
Loddon and Serpentine Creek 5 (270KB)

Myers Creek
Myers Creek 1 (277KB)

Tang Tang Swamp
Tang Tang 1 (269KB)

Avoca/Avon Richardson Catchment

Avoca River
Avoca River at Charlton 1 (308KB)
Avoca River at Charlton 2 (345KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 1 (377KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 2 (290KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 3 (680KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 4 (646KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 5 (250KB)
Avoca River North of Charlton 6 (288KB)

Lake Buloke
Lake Buloke 1 (203KB)

Richardson River
Richardson River at Donald 1 (248KB)
Richardson River at Donald 2 (340KB)
Richardson River at Donald 3 (344KB)
Richardson River at Donald 4 (354KB)
Richardson River at Donald 5 (437KB)
Richardson River at Donald 6 (266KB)
Richardson River at Donald 7 (595KB)
Richardson River at Donald 8 (308KB)

York Plains wetlands
York Plains 1 (250KB)

Campaspe Catchment

Lake Eppalock
Eppalock 1 (341KB)
Eppalock 2 (238KB)
Eppalock 3 (513KB) 

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