We believe children our future for all things sustainable and we want to encourage their participation in natural resource management. We are committed to providing opportunities for participation and for students to contribute to natural resource management decisions. That is why our successful River Detectives program will continue in 2017.

Water Qaulity testing Kangaroo Creek - Photographer Sandy Scheltema must be cited

River Detectives - students observing, testing and learning about their local waterways.
Registering for River Detectives provides access to:

  • A water monitoring kit for your group.
  • Ability to record and explore data through an interactive website (you need to register to have access to this website).
  • How to guides, resources and activities linked to the Victorian Curriculum (Geography, Mathematics, Science, Sustainability and more).
  • Two professional development sessions to help you run the activities in the classroom:
    i. Workshop One (March) -Introduction to water science and recording your data
    ii. Workshop Two (September) - Discovering the world of water bugs.

To be a part of the program (you might even be a parent or community member) complete a registration form  or for more information email

River Detectives full colour

Read about Felicity's and Cathy's positive experiences being a part of the River Detectives program in 2015/2016.

Whether you're a teacher, parent or community member, for more information about the program and how you can get involved check out our factsheet here.

Above: Water quality testing at Kangaroo Creek, courtesy of Sandy Scheltema

Saltwatch salinity snapshot - May 2017

During Saltwatch Week each year, schools from all over Victoria can learn about the effects of salinity on water quality in their local catchment by collecting local water sources and testing with a salinity metre to determine salt content.
Happy Birthday Saltwatch! - Saltwatch celebrates its 30th birthday in 2017 check back soon for more information about how we will be celebrating.
Check out the Salinity Snapshot Report to see what happened in our 2016 celebrations!

National Water Week - October 2017

During National Water Week each year, schools from Victoria look at a theme and celebrate by creating posters and with local events. Check back soon to find out what is happening in 2017 for North Central CMA schools and how to be involved.
For more information about River Detectives and North Central CMAs school age education programs please contact or 03 5440 1863.  

River Detective Students Celebrate 20 Years of Waterwatch

River Detective students got together to sing songs and tell stories about their local environment, highlighting what they had learnt from being involved in North Central Waterwatch's River Detectives program.